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- Did the events in LotR take place on another planet?
- Is there any connection between the Biblical Creation and the Fall of Barad-dur?, by Adam Quinan
- A Chronology of the First Age
- The most important dates after Barad-Drs fall untill the end of the third age, by Kjell Arne Brudvik
- What exactly happened at the end of the First Age?
- Was the northwest of Middle-earth meant to actually be Europe?
- First Age, by Kjell Arne Brudvik
- Chart over the Transmission of the Legends
- Magic in Middle-earth
- Important Places In Middle-Earth, by Kjell Arne Brudvik
- Second Age, by Kjell Arne Brudvik
- Was the Shire meant to be England?
- Third Age, by Kjell Arne Brudvik
- Tolkien languages and related informations, by Helge K. Fauskanger

Here you can find informations concerning Middle-earth. Actually, I didn't know where to put this pages, so here they are.
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