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The most important dates after Barad-Drs fall untill the end of the third age

From: Kjell Arne Brudvik

Year 3019 (H.T. 1419)

Mars 14. Bard II and Thorin III Stonehelmet, slaines the enemy away from Dale.
Mars 28. Celeborn crosses Anduin; the destroying of Dol Guldur starts.
April 6. Celeborn meets Thranduil.
April 8. The Ring bearers are hounored at the Cormallens.
Mai 1. King Elessar are crowned; Elrond and Arwen leaves Rivendell.
Mai 8. Èomer and Èowyn travels to Rohan with the Elrond sons.
Mai 20. Elrond and Arwen comes to Lòrien.
Mai 27. Arwen and they who follows her, leaves Lòrien.
Juni 14. Elrond sons meets Arwen and leads her to Edoras.
Juni 16. They leaves for Gondor.
Juni 25. King Elessar finds the white tree.
Lithe 1. Arwen reaches the city.
Midyear day. Arwen and Elessar gets married.
Juli 18. Èomer came back to Minas Tirith.
Juli 19. "King" Thèoden are escorted back to Edoras.
August 7. They arrives at Edoras.
August 10. "King" Thèoden are being burried.
August 14. The Guests are saying goodbye to King Èomer.
August 18. They arrives at Helm Deep.
August 22. They arrives at Jarnagard; they say goodbye to the King of the west.
August 28. They meets Sarumann; Sarumann sets course towards the Shire.
September 6. They stops within the sight of Moria.
September 13. Celeborn and Galadriel leaves them. The rest are heading for Rivendell.
September 21. They reaches Bri in the evening.
September 30. They leaves Bri. Frodo, Sam, Pippin and Merry reaches "Brennevina" in the evening.
November 1. They are arrested.
November 2. They comes to "Rennabu", and they wake up the people.
November 3. The Battle of "Rennabu" and Sarumanns fall.

3020 (H.T. 1420: The wealthy year)

Mars 13. Frodo get sick. (One year after being poisoned by Shelob).
April 6. The Mallorn-tree are growing at the party area.
Mai 1. Sam marries Rosi.
Midsummerday. Frodo don't want to be mayor anymore and Villi Kvitfor starts again.
Sptember 22. Bilbo is 130 years.
October 6. Frodo gets sick again.

3021 (H.T. 1421; The last year in the third age)

Mars 13. Frodo gets sick again.
Mars 25. Elanor the Beautiful are born, daughter of Sam.
Mars 25. This day the Fourth age stars.
September 21. Frodo and Sam leaves the Shire.
September 22. They meets Elrond and the rest of the Ring bearers at the Tree End.
September 29. They reaches the Gray Havens. Frodo and Bilbo goes over the sea with the three Ring bearers; Galadriel, Elrond and Gandalf. The end of the Third Age.
October 6. Sam came back to the Shire.

Other years after 1421.

1422. This year the fourth Age stars in the Shire. But they are still using the same dates as they used before
1427. Villi Kvitfot retire and Sam are elected as mayor. Peregrin Tòk marries Diamanda of Longkleiv. King Elessar says that no men are allowed to cross the borders of Shire.
1430. Faramir, son of Sam are born.
1431. Goldenlook, daughter of Sam are born.
1432. Merry becomes Master of the "Bukkenland". He recieves treasures from King Èomer and Èowyn of Ithilien.
1434. Peregrin become Tòken and Thegn. King Elessar apointing Sam, Merry and Pippin to members of the council of the North. Sam are reelected as mayor.
1436. King Elessar travels north and meets his friends at "Brennevina". He gives Sam Dùnedains Star and Elanor becomes Tern with Queen Arwen.
1441. Master Sam becomes mayor again (3).
1442. Master Sam, his wife and Elanor travels to Gondor and stays there for a year. Master Tolman are functioning as mayor for that time.
1448. Master Sam becomes mayor again (4).
1451. Elanor marries Fastred.
1455. Master Sam becomes mayor again (5). He apoints Fastred as Thegn and Fastred and Elanor leaves Shire and settles in the undertower not to far from the Gray Havens.
1463. Faramir Tòk marries Goldenlook, daughter of Sam.
1469. Master Sam becomes mayor again (7). This was the last time he was mayor. At the mayor times end in 1476, he was 96 years old.
1482. Rosi, Sam's wife dies. 22. September leaves Sam the Shire and he was last seen by Elanor while he hands her the Red Book. Then he left her and went to the Gray Havens. And as the last of the Ring bearers, he travled over the sea.
1484. In the Spring this year it came a message from Rohan that King Èomer wanted to see Master Holdwin again. Merry who were old at that time (102) seeked advice with his friend the Thegn and they left over their land and responsibillities to their oldest sons and then they traveled togheter to Edoras. They were in Edoras untill the autumn when King Èomer died. Then they both traveled to Gondor and stayed there untill their death. Their bodies where set to sleep at Rath Dìnen togheter with the Kings of Gondor.
1541. This year King Elessar died. He was set to sleep besides his friends Merry and Pippin. Later that year Legolas build a gray ship in Ithillien and he traveled over the sea. With him it's said, traveled the dwarf Gimli. And when their ship where gone, the End of the Brothership of the Ring come to an end.

As you can see there are a lot of Norwegian words here. That is becouse I haven't the English version so I don't know their English names. But if you know, please contact me so that I can change them. Thanks.

Here you can find informations concerning Middle-earth. Actually, I didn't know where to put this pages, so here they are.
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