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First Age

From: Kjell Arne Brudvik

Here begins the First Age of the Children of Illuvatar. Against the will of the Valar the Noldor forsook the Blessed Realm and went in exile to Middle-earth. Thereafter followed the hopeless war of the Eldar and the Edain against Thangorodrim, in which they were at last utterly defeated. In this time the ages of the Stars were ended, and the time of the Sun and Moon began, as is told in The Silmarillion.
1 Rising of the Sun and Moon. From this time are reckoned the Years of the Sun. Beginning of the Second Spring of Arda. The Fathers of Men awaken in Hildórien.
2 The people of Fëanor retreat before the host of Fingolfin, and their camps are made on opposite shores of Lake Mithrim.
5 Fingon rescues Maedhros from Thangorodrim with the help of Thorondor.
6 Thingol grants the Noldor leave to establish realms in Beleriand outside his own.
7 Fingolfin becomes High King of the Noldor.
20 Fingolfin holds the Feast of Reuniting. Emmisaries from all the Elves in Beleriand attend.
50 Finrod and Turgon are warned in dreams from Ulmo to seek for places of strength and refuge in the land.
52 Finrod begins the building of Nargothrond. His sister Galadriel remains in Doriath with the court of Melian.
53 With the aid of Ulmo, Turgon discovers the vale of Tumladen, and upon his return to Nevrast began secretly to devise the plan for the hidden city of Gondolin.
60 Morgoth provokes the Dagor Agalareb, the Glorious Battle. His forces are routed and utterly destroyed on all fronts.
60-445 The Siege of Angband.
70-150 During this time, tidings came to Morgoth of the arising of Men. The Elves believe that at this time he secretly under shadow went forth into Middle-earth and left command of the war to Sauron his lieutenant.
64 Turgon and his folk begin to depart from Nevrast. In Tumladen they begin the building of Gondolin.
65 Brithombar and Eglarest are rebuilt with the help of the Noldor, and the tower of Barad Nimras raised.
67 The truth of the Kinslaying and the Doom of Mandos are revealed in Thingol's court. Thingol banishes the sons of Fëanor from his realm and forbids the use of the High Speech of the West in Beleriand.
102 The halls of Nargothrond are full-wrought, and Finrod Felagund moves in with his people.
116 The city of Gondolin completed. The last remnant of Turgon's people leave Nevrast.
150 The people of Cranthir son of Fëanor renew the dealings of the Elves with the Dwarves of the Ered Luin. Also about this time the forefathers of the Edain flee the inland sea of Rhn to escape the dominion of Morgoth.
155 Defeat of Morgoth's northern Orc-sortie. Morgoth first conceives of dragons.
260 Glaurung, first of the Fire-Drakes, is defeated by Fingon and mounted archers on the plains of Ard-galen in his first sortie.
260-445 The Long Peace.
262 Bëor, eldest of the Fathers of Men of the West, born east of the mountains.
310 Finrod Felagund discovers the camp of Bëor in Ossiriand. Through this, the Elves become aware of the coming of Men.
311 Bëor enters into the service of Finrod.
312 Coming of the Haladin.
313 Coming of Marach and his people.
315-50 Migration of the Edain from Estolad to Elvish realms.
316 Aredhel sister of Turgon leaves Gondolin and is lost in Nan Elmoth. She is found by Eöl the Dark-elf, who took her to wife, and was lost to her kin for many years.
320 Birth of Maeglin son of Eöl.
355 Bëor the Old, father of Men, dies of old age.
369 The Council of Bereg and Amlach. Bereg of the House of Bëor and one thousand men of like mind forsake the War and return to Eriador.
375 The Haladin are nearly wiped out by an Orc-raid at the angle between Ascar and Gelion.
376-90 The Haladin relocate to the forest of Brethil under the leadership of Haleth.
390 Hador Golden-haired born, most renowed of the Edain.
400 Death of Eöl the Dark Elf in Gondolin.
401-15 Marach's people relocate to west Beleriand. Malach son of Marach serves as a vassal of Fingolfin.
409 The debate of Finrod and Andreth.
410 The House of Bëor is granted lordship of Dorthonion.
416 Fingolfin grants Hador the lordship of Dor-lomin.
417 Galdor son of Hador born in Dor-lomin.
420 Death of Haleth of the House of Marach.
422 Fingolfin ponders the need to renew the assault on Angband, but his designs come to naught.
423 Hador's folk complete their removal to Dor-lomin.
432 Beren son of Barahir of the House of Bëor is born in Dorthonion.
441 Húrin the Steadfast son of Galdor son of Hador born in Hithlum.
443 Morwen Eledhwen the Elf-sheen born, daughter of Baragund of the House of Bëor.
444 Huor brother of Húrin of the House of Hador born.
450 Rían daughter of Belegund of the House of Bëor, mother of Tuor the Blessed, born.
455 The Fell Year. The Dagor Bragolach, the Battle of Sudden Flame. The Eldar and Edain driven back from Angband with great and grevious loss. Death of Hador at Ethel Sirion. Defeat of the sons of Fëanor at the Pass of Aglon. The pact of Barahir and Felagund. The folk of Dorthonion, among them Rían and Morwen, flee to Hithlum. Barahir and his surviving men become outlaws in their own land.
456 The duel of Fingolfin and Morgoth at the gates of Angband. Fingolfin slain by Morgoth. Fingon son of Fingolfin becomes High King of the Noldor. Húrin and Huor are borne from the wrack by the Eagles and brought to Gondolin, where they entered into the fosterage of Turgon.
457 Húrin and Huor are returned by the Eagles to their people. Sauron lieutenant of Morgoth captures Tol Sirion and fills it with such evil that it was afterwards called Tol-in-Gaurhoth, Isle of Werewolves.
458 The Men of Brethil, aided by Beleg Strongbow and Elves of Doriath, defeat an Orc-legion at the Crossings of Teglin. Thus was the black tide stemmed in that region, and the Orcs did not dare cross it for many a year.
460 Barahir's band is ambushed at Tarn Aeluin. Beren retrieves the Ring of Felagund and lives as a solitary outlaw for the next four years.
462 Morgoth renews his assaults against Hithlum. Galdor slain in the siege of Eithel Sirion, but with the aid of Círdan Fingon's forces hold their ground.
463 The Easterlings arrive in Beleriand, and swear allegiance to the sons of Fëanor.
464 Húrin of the House of Hador weds Morwen of the House of Bëor. Túrin son of Húrin was born in Dor-lomin with omens of sorrow. Beren leaves Dorthonion and crossing through Ered Gorgoroth finds his way into Doriah. He beholds Lúthien Tinúviel in the forest of Neldoreth, and thus was their paths crossed.
465 In this year began the love and long labor of Beren and Lúthien, which is told elsewhere in the Lay of Leithian, and will not be recounted here.
466 In this year Beren fulfilled the command of Thingol as has been told in the Lay, and with the help of his beloved Lúthien dared to cross the doors of Angband, and stole a Silmaril from the Iron Crown of Morgoth. Elsewhere is told of the madness of Carcharoth, and the Great Wolf-hunt, and how Beren died of his wounds with the Silmaril on his breast. Thus he achieved the Quest.
467 In this year at the first breaking of spring Lúthien Tinúviel laid her body as a white flower on the grass and her spirit fled from Middle-earth, and she went unto Mandos, as it saith in the Lay. But a winter as it were the hoar age of mortal men fell upon Thingol.
468 The Union of Maedhros.
469 Morgoth learns of the Union of Maedhros and begins subverting it. Beren and Lúthien return to the world to live the doom set before them by Mandos. They first go to Doriath, where Lúthien heals the winter of Thingol, then depart and passed out of the knowledge of Elves and Men, and dwell on the isle of Tol Galen amid the green waters of Ossiriand.
470 Dior Aranel, father of Elwing Half-elven, born in Tol Galen.
471 Huor weds Rían daugter of Belegund.
472 The Year of Lamentation, in which the Union of Maedhros was put to the test and failed. The Nirnaeth Aronediad, the Battle of Unnumbered Tears, in which Elves and Men were utterly defeated. Fingon King of the Noldor killed in battle. The House of Hador destroyed, and Húrin Seadfast taken captive. Only the army of Gondolin escapes intact. Turgon now by right High King of the Noldor. Morgoth curses the House of Húrin. Tuor born of Rían before her death. Morwen wife of Húrin sends Túrin her son along with two aged servants to the land of Doriath to beg fostering.
473 Nienor daughter of Túrin born. Túrin received by Thingol. Morgoth conquers the Havens. Círdan and his people flee to the Isle of Balar. Turgon's last attempt to send an emmisary to Valinor.
480 Celeborn and Galadriel cross the Ered Luin and settle in Eriador near Nenuial.
481 Túrin becomes the companion of Beleg Strongbow on the marches of Doriath.
484 The exile of Túrin from Doriath.
487 Túrin and Beleg reunited, and establish the Land of Bow and Helm.
488 Tuor son of Huor comes to Dor-lomin seeking his kin, but instead seized by the Easterlings and enslaved by Lorgan their chief.
489 Gwindor of Nargothrond escapes from the thralldom of Morgoth. The accidental slaying of Beleg by Túrin.
490 Túrin led to Nargothrond by Gwindor.
490-5 Túrin grows mighty in the counsels of Orodreth. In time he becomes the warlord of Nargothrond.
491 Tuor escapes thralldom and becomes an outlaw in the wild lands above Lake Mithrim.
494 Lorgan, chieftain of the Easterlings of Hithlum, attemtps to sieze Nienor by force. Morwen and Nienor flee at last to Doriath.
495 Tuor escapes from Hithlum. With the aid of Gelmir and Arminas, he comes to Nevrast via the Gate of the Noldor, passing out of the knowledge of Morgoth. He is visited by Ulmo Lord of Waters, and sent with Voronwë the Elf to seek the hidden city of Gondolin. In the summer, Gelmir and Arminas come to Nargothrond and bring warnings of forces mustering under the Ered Wethrin. Handir of Brethil slain in pitched battle with the Orcs, and later that autumn Gaurung and his host assaults Nargothrond. Orodreth and Gwindor are killed at the Battle of Tumhalad, and Nargothrond is sacked. At the beginning of winter Túrin ventures the journey to Dor-lomin seeking news of his kin; and Finduilas daughter of Orodreth is slain at the Crossings of Teiglin. Túrin's path crosses Tuor's at Eithel Ivrin, but they do not speak, and each goes their separate ways. Tuor and Voronwë finally reach Gondolin in winter, near the end of the year.
495-6 The Fell Winter, in which ice and snow lay on the ground for five months, all throughout the season.
496 Túrin slays Brodda the Easterling. Death of Sador Labadal. He comes at last to Brethi, and learns the fate of Finduilas. Túrin joins forces with the people of Brethil. Morwen and Nienor travel to Nargothrond to find news of Túrin. Glaurung attacks them, and Morwen is lost in the wild. Nienor has a spell of forgetfulness laid on her by the dragon, and is found by Túrin at the Crossings of Teiglin, who names her Níniel. Túrin takes the name of Turambar.
497 Dior son of Beren and Lúthien weds Nimloth of Ossiriand.
498 Túrin and Níniel are wed in autumn. Turin's presence in Brethil is revealed to Glaurung.
499 Glaurung assaults Brethil. Túrin slays the dragon, but with Glaurung's death his spells are lifted. Túrin and Nienor kill themselves. Raising of the Talbor, the Standing Stone marking their graves.
500 Birth of the twin sons of Dior, Eluréd and Elurín. Morgoth releases Húrin from his captivity, and thus began the Wanderings of Húrin. Húrin goes to Hithlum and gains the following of Asgon and his men.
501 Húrin seeks in vain the entrance to Gondolin, thus betraying its general location to Morgoth. He then journeys to Brethil, Deaths of Morwen, Manthor, and Hardang Chieftain of Brethil. Húrin then goes to Nargothrond and claims the Nauglamir from the treasure of Glaurung. He takes it to Menegroth and casts it at the feet of Thingol. Húrin then leaves, and is never seen again.
502 Tuor weds Idril daughter of Turgon in Gondolin.
503 The Nauglamir rewrought and the Silmaril is hung thereon. The Dwarves of Belegost and Nogrod invade Doriath. Thingol slain and his realm ended. Melian escapes and forsakes Middle-earth. Beren ambushes the Dwarf-host at the Fords of Ascar. Dior goes to Doriath with his wife Nimloth and endeavors to recover the realm of Thingol. Eärendil Half-elven son of Tuor and Idril born in Gondolin. Beren and Lúthien die in Tol Galen. Dior receives the Silmaril. Elwing the White daughter of Dior born in Doriath.
504 Dior restores the kingdom of Doriath.
505 The sons of Fëanor demand the Silmaril from Dior, who returns no answer.
506-7 The Second Kinslaying. The sons of Fëanor assault Doriath and kill Dior and Nimloth. Elwing flees to the mouths of Sirion with the Silmaril.
509 Ulmo's final warning to Gondolin. Maeglin captured by spies of Morgoth.
510 The assault and sack of Gondolin. The kingship of the Noldor passes to Gil-galad son of Fingon on the Isle of Balar.
511 The Exiles of Gondolin reach Sirion, which now prospers in the power of the Silmaril. Establishment of the Havens of Sirion in Arvernien.
512 The Sons of Fëanor learn of the rise of Arvernien, and that the Silmaril is there.
525 Tuor departs into the west with Idril. Eärendil weds Elwing and becomes Lord of Arvernien.
527 Torment falls upon Maedhros and his brethren because of their unfufilled oath.
532 Elros and Elrond twin sons of Eärendil born.
533 Eärendil builds the great ship Vingilot.
534-41 The voyages of Eärendil.
538 The Third and Last Kinslaying. Arvernien destroyed and Elros and Elrond taken captive. Elwing carries away the Silmaril, and comes to Eärendil in the likeness of a bird.
540 The last free Elves and those Edain who remain faithful to them are driven out of Beleriand and take refuge on the Isle of Balar. All remaining Men hide where they can.
542 Eärendil comes to Valinor. He pleads the case of the Eldar and Edain to the Lords of the West, and they listen. As a sign to his kindred in Middle-earth, Varda hallows his ship and sets him to sail in the heavens bearing the Silmaril.
545 Eönwë herald of Manwë leads the Host of the Valar out of the West and lands in Beleriand with great power and might.
545-87 The Last War of the Elder Days, also called Great Battle and the War of Wrath. Beleriand broken and destroyed. Morgoth at last utterly overcome, and Angband unroofed and unmade. Morgoth bound, and the last two Silmarils regained. Ancalagon the Black, greatest of the winged dragons, cast down by Eärendil and all save two of the Dragons destroyed.
587 Maedhros and Maglor, last surviving sons of Fëanor, seize the last two Silmarils. They are lost in fire and sea. Maedhros perishes with his, and Maglor wanders alone in pain along the seashore until he fades in grief.
590 The Elves and the Fathers of Men depart from Middle-earth and pass over the Sea. Morgoth is thrust from Arda into the Outer Dark.

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