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Aeglos"Snowpoint", Gil-galad's spear
Ainur"Holy Ones", divine beings created by Eru. The fourteen greatest Ainur were called the Valar, the others were Maiar
Aldamirë"Tree Jewel", wife of Elendil
Alliance, Army ofThe combined armies of Gondor, Arnor, and Lindon, which united to drive Sauron from the west
AltarielSee Galadriel
Aman"The Blessed Lands", island in the far western sea, home of the Valar
Amandil"Lover of Aman", last lord of Andúnië, father of Elendil
Amon Sûl"Hill of the Wind", outpost on the eastern borders of Arnor, later known as Weathertop
AmrothSindarin Elf, lover of Nimrodel, founded the city of Dol Amroth in Belfalas
AnárionYounger son of Elendil, born in Rómenna 3296 SA, died in the siege of the Barad-dûr 3440 SA
Anduin"The Long River" that runs the length of Middle-earth and drains into the Bay of Belfalas
Andúnië"Sunset", the westernmost province of Númenor, refuge of the Faithful
Anfalas"Long Strand", southwestern province of Gondor
Anga"River of Iron", rising in Angrenost, emptying into the sea at Anglond
Angband"Hell of Iron", the dungeon-fortress of Morgoth
Anglond"Port of Iron", port city at the mouth of the River Anga
Angmar"Iron Land", northern land, capital Carn Dûm, home of the Lord of the Ring-wraiths
Angrenost"Iron Fortress", outpost in northwestern Gondor, later known as Isengard
Annatar"Lord of Gifts", the name Sauron used among the Elves of Eregion
Annúminas"Tower of the West", the capital of Arnor, built on the shore of Lake Nenuial
Anórien"Land of the Sun", western province of Gondor, chief city Minas Anor
Ar-Adûnakhor"Lord of the West", 19th king of Númenor
Ar-Pharazôn"The Golden", 24th and last king of Númenor
Arador"Royal Land", Duitirith's esquire
Aragorn39th heir of Isildur, also known as "Strider", crowned King of the Reunited Realms as Elessar Telcontar "Elfstone Strider"
Arannon"Royal Gate", triumphal arch in Osgiliath
Aratan"Royal Man", Isildur's second son, born 3411 SA in Osgiliath, died 2 FA at Gladden
ArawLand near Rhûn, home of giant cattle
AriDiminutive of Aratan
Armenelos"Citadel of the Men of Heaven", capital of Númenor
Arnor"Royal Land", northern kingdom of the United Realms
ArthedainNorthern region of Arnor
AtaniMen, also called The Followers and The Secondborn
AulëOne of the eight Aratar, the mightiest Valar, married to Yavanna, he made the Dwarves
Baggins, BilboSee Bilbo
Baggins, FrodoSee Frodo
Barad-dûr"Dark Tower", Sauron's fortress in Mordor
BarahirFather of Beren, he was given Finrod's ring
Baranduin"The Brown River" in Eriador, later called the Brandywine in The Shire
BarathorLord of Pelargir, father of Duitirith, died 3441 SA at Minas Ithil
BelamonSoldier of Ithilien, died 3441 SA at Minas Ithil
BelcarnenA captain of the White Fleet
Belegost"Mighty Fortress", one of the two cities of the Dwarves in the Blue Mountains
Beleriand"Country of Balar", ancient realm of the Elves in northwest Middle-earth, sunk under the sea in the war with Morgoth, Lindon is the only remainder
BelfalasSouthern coastal province of Gondor
Belfalas, Bay ofLarge bay between Harad and Gondor
BelrundLeader of Pelargrim that went to fight with Elendil
BerenSon of Barahir, hero who took silmarilli, slain by the wolf Carcharoth
BergilMayor of Minas Anor
BilboHobbit that found the One Ring, uncle of Frodo
BlackrootSee Morthond
Blessed LandsSee Aman
BlotmathHobbit month, roughly November
BoromirFather of Barathor
BortilMerchant of Osgiliath
Brandybuck, AnsonScribe who copied Amroth's journal
BrethilrondElf of Lothlórien
BucklandEastern region of The Shire
Cair Andros"Long Foam", island in the Anduin north of Osgiliath
CaladilShip captain of Pelargir
CalembelTown in Lamedon in Gondor
CalenardhonNorthern region of Gondor, later called Rohan
Caradhras"Redhorn", mountain in the Misty Mountains
Caras Galadon"City of the Trees", capital of Lothlórien
CardurA captain of the White Fleet
CarlenMaster of the Wainwright's Guild in Pelargir
CelebornLord of Lothlórien, husband of Galadriel
Cerin AmrothHilltop home of Amroth in Lothlórien
CervethDúnedain month, roughly August
Cirdan"Shipwright", Lord of Mithlond, bearer of Narya
CiriDiminutive of Ciryon
Cirith Ungol"Pass of the Spider", between Minas Ithil and Mordor
CiryonThird son of Isildur, born 3425 SA in Minas Ithil, died 2 FA at Gladden
Curufin"Skill Hair", father of Celebrimbor
Curulin"Skill Pool", Cirdan's helmsman
Dagorlad"Battle Plain", field before the Morannon, site of a great battle
Dimrill DaleValley in the Misty Mountains near Khazad-dûm
Dol ElrosThe capital of Andúnië in Númenor
Dor-en-ErnilA seacoast region in Gondor between Belfalas and Lebennin
DoriathAncient Elvish kingdom in Beleriand
Duitirith"Guardian of the River", Barathor's son
DúnadanSingular of Dúnedain
Dúnedain"Men of the West", who founded Númenor, Umbar, Gondor, and Arnor
DunharrowAncient city of Men in the northern Ered Nimrais
DunlandA wild land west of Calenardhon
DurinKing of the Dwarves
DwarvesA race created by Aulë the Vala
Eärendil"Lover of the Sea", son of Tuor and Idril, married Elwing, sailed to Aman and secured the help of the Valar against Morgoth, called "The Mariner"
EasterlingsWild men of the east
Edain"The Men", The Three Houses of Men
Elbereth"Star Queen", see Varda
EldaSingular of Eldar
Eldamar"Elvenhome", region of Aman in which the Elves live
Eldar"People of the Stars", the Elves, also called "The Speakers", "Quendi", "Firstborn"
EldarinRelating to the Eldar or their language
EldarionKing of Gondor in the Fourth Age
Elendil"Elf-friend" Amandilson, founder of the Realms in Exile
Elendili"Elf-friends", "The Faithful", those Númenóreans who continued to revere the Eldar and the Valar when the kings of Númenor turned against them
Elendur"Devoted to the Elves", first son of Isildur, born 3403 SA in Osgiliath, died 2 FA at Gladden
Elenna"Starwards", the island on which Númenor was founded
elanorSmall white flowers
Elessar"Elfstone", the name in which Aragorn ascended the throne of the Reunited Kingdoms
ElosterionWesternmost and tallest of the towers on the Emyn Beraid
Elrond"Star-dome", son of Eärendil and Elwing, known as Peredhil "Half-elven", lord of Imladris
Elros"Star-foam", son of Eärendil, brother of Elrond, founder of Númenor
ElvenhomeSee Eldamar
Emyn Arnen"Hills of Royal Water", in southern Ithilien
Emyn Beraid"Tower Hills", in western Eriador
Ephel Dúath"Fence of Shadow", mountains between Ithilien and Mordor
ErechTown in northern Lamedon, capital of the Eredrim
Ered Lithui"Ash Mountains", mountains on the northern side of Mordor
Ered Luin"Blue Mountains", in western Eriador
Ered Nimrais"White Mountains", mountains in Gondor
Eredrim"People of the Mountains", a strong tribe in the southern Ered Nimrais
Eregion"Land of Holly", Elvish kingdom of Celebrimbor in southern Eriador
Ereinion"Scion of Kings", see Gil-galad
EriadorThe land between the Misty Mountains and the Blue
Eru"The One", see Ilúvatar
Ethir Anduin"Mouths of the Long River", the delta of the river Anduin
Ethir Lefnui"Mouths of Lefnui", a city at the mouth of the river Lefnui in Anfalas
EthringA town on the river Ringlo in Lebennin
EvenstarThe planet Venus as evening star, see Eärendil
Faithful, theSee Elendili
FangornForest between Lothlórien and Calenardhon
FaramirThirty-fifth Thain of the Shire, he had a copy made of the Red Book
Fëanor"Spirit of Fire", true name Curufinwë, the leader of the Noldorin rebellion, he made the silmarilli
FindegilThe writer of King Eldarion II of Gondor
Firstborn, theSee Eldar
FleetfootIsildur's war charger
FlóiFather of Frár the Dwarf
Followers, theSee Atani
Foradan"Northman", soldier of Pelargir
Forithilien"North Ithilien", north of Minas Ithil
Fornen"Northern Water", one of the Elders of the Eredrim
FornochValley in the southern Ered Nimrais
Fornost"Northern Fortress", a city of Arnor
FrárDwarf of Khazad-dûm who joined Isildur
Frodo"Nine-fingered", Bilbo's nephew, Ringbearer
GaladrielQueen of Lothlórien, bearer of Nenya
Galadrim"People of the Trees", the people of Lothlórien
GalathilionThe White Tree of Tirion, the image of Telperion
GaldorOne of Galadriel's boatsteerers
GandalfOne of the Istari, or wizards, also called Mithrandir, Greyhame
Gil-galad"Star or Radiance", King of Lindon and all the Noldor, true name Ereinion
Gildor"Starland", Elf of Lindon, also called Inglorion
GilrainA river in Lebennin
GilrondilCirdan's sailing master
GilthonielSee Elbereth
GladdenRiver and fields at the confluence with Anduin, also called Loeg Ningloron
GlamrodKeeper of the stables in Pelargir
Gondolin"Hidden Rock", hidden Elvish city of Turgon, also called Ondolindë
Gondor"Stone Land", southern kingdom of the Realms in Exile, capital Osgiliath
GondorrimThe people of Gondor
GordrogOrc of the bridge garrison in East Osgiliath
Gorgoroth"Dreaded Horror", a plain in central Mordor
Gorthaur"Abominable Horror", see Sauron
Great Armament The Númenórean fleet that attempted to attack Valinor
Great North RoadThe road between Gondor and Arnor
Great SmialsThe mansions of the Took family of hobbits in Tuckborough of the Shire
GreycloakSee Thingol
GreyhameSee Gandalf
Grey HavensSee Mithlond
GuthmarThe Elder of Linhir
Gwaith-i-Mírdain"People of the Jewel-smiths", the craft-Elves of Gondolin
GwathloRiver in western Eriador, called the Greyflood
HadhodrondSindarin name of Khazad-dûm
HalfelvenThe brothers Elros and Elrond, also called Peredhil
HalgonIsildur's scribe
HaradLand in the far south of Middle-earth, allies of Umbar
HaradrimThe people of Harad
Harithilien"South Ithilien", south of Minas Ithil
Harlond"South Beach", the docks of Osgiliath
Harondor"Southern Land", border region between Gondor and Harad
HelethWife of Barathor
Herumor"Dark Lord", Emperor of Umbar
Hithaiglir"Line of Misty Peaks", the Misty Mountains
Hithimir"Mist Jewel", a captain of the White Fleet
HollinSee Eregion
Ilúvatar"The Father of All", God, also called "The One"
Imladris"Deep-cut Valley", Elrond's home east of Arnor, also called Rivendell
IndisOne of the ships of Pelargir, named for the mother of Fingolfin and Finarfin
InglorionSee Gildor
IngoldMaster of Calembel
IorlasSindarin Elf, esquire of Amroth
IsemboldFather of Isengar
IsengarThain's Scribe of the Shire, copied Halgon's manuscript
Isildur"Devoted to the Moon", first son of Elendil, King of Gondor and The Realms in Exile, born 3289 SA in Andúnië, died 2 TA at Gladden
Isildur, Stone of"The Black Stone", "The Stone of Erech", a large round stone found in Númenor, brought to Pelargir by Isildur at the Downfall, and later set up at Erech
Ithilien"Moon Land", eastern province of Gondor
KarmachLord of the Eredrim who made an oath of allegiance with Isildur
Kementári"Queen of the Earth", see Yavanna
KhazadThe name the Dwarves call themselves
Khazad-dûm"Dwarf-mansions", city of the Dwarves beneath the Misty Mountains, later called Moria
KirilA river in Lamedon, also called Ciril
LamedonProvince in southern Gondor
LangstrandSee Anfalas
LebenninProvince in southern Gondor
LefnuiRiver in southwestern Gondor
lembas"Way-bread", Elvish bread for travelling
LhûnA gulf and river in northwestern Eriador, also called Lune
LimlightA river running from Fangorn Forest to the Anduin
LindirA lookout on Cirdan's ship
Lindon"Land of Song", Gil-galad's Elvish kingdom in the northwest of Middle-earth, capital Mithlond
Linfalas"Coast Song", Man of Arnor, one of survivors of Gladden
LinhirCity in Lebennin
LinrothA captain of the White Fleet
Lithui"Ashy", river in Anfalas
Loeg Ningloron"Pools of the Golden Waterflowers", Elvish name for Gladden
LótesseEldarin month, roughly May
Lothlórien"Garden of the Blossom", the Elvish kingdom of Celeborn and Galadriel, between the Misty Mountains and Anduin
Lothron"Flowering", Eldarin month, roughly June
LoëndëMidsummer's Day
Luindor"Blue Land", Captain of the Ships of Pelargir
LúthienDaughter of Thingol and Melian, consort of Beren, called Tinúviel
MaiaSingular of Maiar
MaiarThe lesser Ainur
Malithôr"Golden Eagle", ambassador from Umbar, agent of Mordor, called "The Mouth of Sauron"
mallornGold-leafed trees in Lothlórien
ManwëThe chief of the Valar
MelianA ship of Pelargir, named for the Maia, Queen of Doriath, mother of Lúthien
Melkor"He who arises in might", Vala who rebelled against Manwë, called Morgoth the Enemy
Meneldil"Devoted to the Heavens", son of Anárion, King of Gondor
Meneltarma"Pillar of Heaven", high mountain in Númenor
Menelvagor"Huntsman of the Heavens", the constellation Orion
MeriadocA hobbit, Master of Buckland, called Merry Brandybuck
MeringStream between Anórien and Calenardhon
Minas Anor"Tower of the Setting Sun", fortress city in Anórien, later called Minas Tirith
Minas Ithil"Tower of the Rising Moon", fortress city in Ithilien, later called Minas Morgul
Minas Tirith"Tower of Guard", see Minas Anor
Mindolluin"Towering Bluehead", mountain beside Minas Anor
MinhiriathWestern province of Arnor
Mithlond"Grey Havens", capital of Lindon
mithril"Moon silver", Elvish metal alloy
MoonFireSee Narsil
Morannon"Black Gates", gates of Mordor
Mordor"Black Land", Sauron's realm in southeastern Middle-earth
Morgai"Black Fence", eastern ridge of the Ephel Dúath
Morgoth"Enemy", see Melkor
Morthond"Blackroot", river in Lamedon rising in the caverns of Erech
Namarië"Farewell", Elvish salutation
Nanbrethil"Valley of the Silver Birches", a valley in the Pinnath Gelin
NanduhirionValley outside the eastern entrance to Khazad-dûm
NantasarionOne of the Drowned Lands of Beleriand
Nargothrond"Underground fortress on the river Narog", founded by Finrod, destroyed by Glaurog, former home of Galadriel
Narsil"Moonflame", Elendil's sword, made by Telchar of Nogrod, broken at Elendil's fall, later reforged for Aragorn and renamed Andúril, "Flame of the West"
Narya"Ring of Fire", one of the Three Elf-Rings made by Celebrimbor, given to Cirdan, later to Mithrandir, was taken by him Over Sea at the end of the Third Age
NazgûlSee Ring-wraiths
Nenuial"Lake of Twilight" in Arnor, where Annúminas was built, called Evendim
Nenya"Ring of Water", one of the Three Elf-Rings made by Celebrimbor, given to Galadriel, taken Over Sea at the end of the Third Age
Nimloth"White Blossom", the White Tree of Númenor
Nimrodel[1]A stream running through Lothlórien to join the Gladden
Nimrodel[2]An Elf-woman of Lothlórien, lover of Amroth
NindalfMarshes at the mouth of the Entwash where it joins Anduin
Nogrod"Hollow Dwelling", a lost city of the Dwarves in the Ered Luin
Noldor"The Wise", second house of the Elves, led by Finwë, called "Deep Elves"
NoldorinOf the Noldor
NóruiWestron month, roughly July
Númenor"Westernesse", large island given to the Edain by the Valar at the end of the First Age, also the kingdom established there by the Dúnedain under Elros, destroyed by the Valar when the Ban of the Valar was broken by Ar-Adûnakhor; also called Elenna, Land of the Star, Akallabêth, Anadûnê
NûrrnA southern region of Mordor
OhtarA Uialedain man of the Emyn Arnen, esquire to Isildur
Oiolossë"Ever Snow-white", the White Mountain in Valinor where Manwë and Varda reside
OrcsA bestial race bred by Melkor to be his slaves
Orodruin"Mount Redflame", a volcano in central Mordor where Sauron forged the One Ring, later called Mount Doom
OrthGiant herdsman of Calembel
Orthanc"Forked Height", tower in Angrenost
Osgiliath"Fortress of the Stars", capital of Gondor
Osgiliath, Council ofA meeting of Isildur and his allies on Midsummer's Day, 3441 SA
Ost-in-Edhil"Fortress of the Eldar", capital of Eregion
PalantírSingular of palantíri
Palantíri"Those that Watch from Afar", the seven Seeing Stones made by Fëanor and given to the Dúnedain
Pelargir"Garth of Royal Ships", Númenórean haven in Anduin; Gondor's Gate of the South
PelargrimThe people of Pelargir
Peredhil"Half-Elven", Elros and Elrond, the sons of Eärendil and Elwing
PeregrinPeregrin Took, a member of the Fellowship of the Ring, later 35th Thain of the Shire
PharazônSee Ar-Pharazôn
Pinnath Gelin"Green Hills" region in southwestern Gondor
PippinDiminutive of Peregrin Took
PorosRiver between Harithilien and Harad
Quendi"The Speakers", the Elves
QuenyaThe language of the Elves
Rath Gelin"Green Street", a street in Pelargir
Rath Romen"Road of the East", the road running from the Morannon to Harad
Rauros"Roaring Spray", great falls on Anduin north of Gondor
Realms in ExileGondor and Arnor, the realms founded by Elendil and his sons after the downfall of Númenor
Remmirath"Netted Stars", the constellation Pleiades
Reunited KingdomGondor and Arnor after they were reunited under Elessar Telcontar in 3441 TA
Rhovanion"Wilderland", the region east of the Misty Mountains
RhûnAn inland sea and the surrounding region in eastern Middle-earth
RingloA river in Lebennin
RinglondThe port city at the mouth of Ringlo
Ring-wraithsThe nine kings of Men to whom Sauron gave the Nine Rings, thus enslaving them; also called Úlairi, Nazgûl
RivendellSee Imladris
RohanSee Calenardhon
RomachLord of the Eredrim
RómennaHaven on the east coast of Númenor
SamDiminutive of Samwise Gamgee
Sammath Naur"Chambers of Fire", caves near the summit of Orodruin, where Sauron forged The One Ring
Samwise GamgeeCompanion of Frodo Baggins, Ringbearer
Sauron"The Abhorred", a Maia of Aulë, student of Melkor, Lord of Mordor
SecondbornSee Atani
SerniA river in Lebennin
ShadowfaxGandalf's horse
Shire, TheThe land of the hobbits in central Eriador
Silmarilli"Great Jewels of Light", a set of jewels made by Fëanor and stolen by Melkor
SilmarillionThe story of the silmarilli jewels
SindaSingular of Sindar
Sindar"Grey-Elves", those Elves that remained in Middle-earth when the Noldor departed for Eldamar
SindarinRelating to the Sindar or their language
SirannonA river issuing from the west gate of Khazad-dûm
SirithA river in Lebennin
Sirlos"Snowstream", running down the valley of Minas Ithil
SnowpointSee Aeglos
SnowstreamSee Sirlos
Speakers, theSee Quendi
StarkindlerSee Elbereth
Straight RoadThe path taken by the Elven ships when they leave the circles of the world and return to Eldamar
StriderSee Aragorn
SúrionGuardian of the island of Cair Andros
talanTree-dwelling of the Elves of Lothlórien
Tar-Minastir11th king of Númenor, he aided Gil-galad against Sauron
Tar-Palantír"He who looks afar", 23rd king of Númenor, he tried to heal the rift with the Faithful
Tarlang's NeckA narrow pass in the Ered Nimrais between Morthond and Lamedon
Taur Galen"Greenwood", the Great Forest east of the Misty Mountains, later called Mirkwood
TelcharA Dwarf-smith of Nogrod, he made Angrist and Narsil
Telcontar"Strider", the name of the dynasty founded by Aragorn
Telemnar26th king of Gondor
TelperionThe White Tree of Valinor
ThainThe title of the lord of The Shire
Thalion"Steadfast, strong", housecarl of Isildur, one of the survivors of Gladden
Thangorodrim"Mountains of Tyranny", built by Morgoth around Angband
Tharbad"Crossway", a town at the crossing of the Great North Road and the Gwathlo River
ThardûnCaptain of the garrison at Angrenost
Thingol"Greycloak", Elwë, King of Doriath
ThinrosCaptain of the garrison at Annúminas
ThranduilKing of the Silvan Elves of Taur Galen
Tinúviel"Nightingale, daughter of the twilight", see Lúthien
Tirion"Great Watchtower", the city of the Elves in Aman
Tolfalas"Steepcoast Island", an island in the Bay of Belfalas
TookA prominent family of hobbits in The Shire
TuckboroughA town in the Westfarthing in The Shire
Twilight, Men ofSee Uialedain
TurgonLeader of the survivors of Ethir Lefnui
UdûnA valley in northern Mordor
Uialedain"Men of the Twilight", those Men that remained in Middle-earth when the Dúnedain went to Númenor
UmbarPort city and empire built by Númenórean royalists in the south of Middle-earth
UmbardrimThe people of Umbar
UrmachOne of the Elders of the Eredrim
ValaSingular of Valar
Valandil"Lover of the Valar", fourth son of Isildur, born 3430 SA in Imladris, king of Arnor 2 TA to 249 TA
ValarThe fourteen great Ainur that sang the world into being
Valar, Ban ofA ban placed upon the Dúnedain of Númenor by the Valar forbidding them to sail west of Elenna and approach Aman
ValiDiminutive of Valandil
ValinorThe land of the Valar in Aman
vanellaA type of tree that grows in Gondor
VardaThe queen of the Valar, she created the stars; also called Elbereth Gilthoniel "Star-queen Star-kindler"
Vilya"Ring of Air", greatest of the Three Elf-Rings made by Celebrimbor, given to Gil-galad, borne by Elrond at Orodruin, taken Over Sea at the end of the Third Age
VorondomëWife of Isildur, daughter of the Captain of Ships of Ithilien
waybreadSee lembas
WestbankOpen fields on the west bank of Anduin inside the walls of Osgiliath
WestmarchWestern region of The Shire
WestronThe common language of Middle-earth
White TreeSee Nimloth
Yavanna"Giver of Fruits", Vala, spouse of Aulë, she made the trees and fruit
yén"Long-year", 144 years, or sun-rounds, in Elvish reckoning

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This story was inspired by Tolkien's work.
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