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Songs & Tales

The Story of The Grey to The White

He who walked with ghosts so grey,
And Hobbits and Elves so gay,
He was one of every kind,
An Elf, a Steward, a counter of time.

He fell to doom, under fire so bright,
Of Evil creature of the Night,
Who is not told to come from Light,
But from the Evil Darkness, bright,
As bright as Jet, as cold as Ice,
It did not know of the Right.

He fought it with the flame so cold,
Against hot breath it would not fold,
But he knew his friends were standing there,
They would die if he did not care,
So he smote the bridge,
With his strong Staff,
And he did fall into night so black,
And fire so red,
With the Evil creature of the night.

It would not fight, but fled away,
To stairs of Grey,
That lead to mountain peak,
Where the creature of the Night,
Turned to fight, but to no avail,
For it fell, to death on the snow,
And He had won the day,
and sat on hill, so grey,
When Eagle came through the Night.

And when he was ready, did the Eagle say,
"Ever am I fated to carry thee,
from Mountain Top to Golden Tree,
But still I will carry you,
My light feather of Whitend dew."
To this He did replie,
"Yes, it is now that I wish for Golden Tree,
To find my friends, with thee,
for you have carried me so far,
I wish for no-one else."

So He was carried to Golden Tree,
By Eagle quick, and fast through sky,
And there was dressed in dazeling white,
Then he came to where His friends had lately been,
But now they had moved on down running stream,
Towards the Never-Ending Darkness,
That was Mordor, where the shadows lie.

He quicken his pace,
As he walked after his friends,
Through woods so old, like records of time,
To his friends now three not nine,
To help the King of the Golden Hall,
In times of need, when a beggar sits on a stall,
To council the King, into Evil paths.

He threw down the Evil councillor,
And banished him, from the land,
Then to the battles in the West he did fly,
And brought the secret Huorns,
To the rescue of the King,
In the fortress of Protection,
And when the King was free,
he travelled to Isengard.

Then He did brake the Staff of the Evil Wizard,
Who had left the Path of Truth,
To the Evil ways of the Enemy,
Then He was truly White,
the most powerful of them all,
Elf, Man, and Wizard.

Songs and tales from J.R.R. Tolkien's work.
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