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Where did the Southrons come from? Were they part of the Atani?

From: The Tolkien Less FAQ by William D.B. Loos

Yes. All humans, East, West, North, or South, were. Humans first appeared in the east and spread westwards, with some eventually crossing the Blue Mountains into Beleriand. The entry for Atani in the The Silmarillion index reads:
    Atani 'The Second People'
      Men (singular Atan). Since in Beleriand for a long time the only Men known to the Noldor and Sindar were those of the Three Houses of the Elf-friends, this name (in the Sindarin form Adan, plural Edain) became specially associated with them, so that it was seldom applied to other Men who came later to Beleriand, or who were reported to be dwelling beyond the Mountains. But in the speech of Ilúvatar the meaning is 'Men (in general)'.
(Humans were 'the second people' because Elves were the Firstborn.)

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