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Hobbits in general

Hobbits are little people. They are actually smaller than Dwarves, variable between two and four feet. Since they are much smaller than the big folk, their name to the humans, they are shy from them. The Hobbits seldom wore shoes, since they had leathery soles under their feet that also had brown curling hair. Their faces were broad, bright-eyed, red-cheeked and good-natured. The big folk called them Haflings, and the Elves Periannath. The origin of the name Hobbit are probably holbytla that means hole-builder. The name is pretty describing to a Hobbit, as they are building holes to live in. The holes are cozy and surprisingly homely and clean. Hobbits normally don't do a lot of traveling, and that's why there is almost no adventurers among the Hobbits. Hobbits are very fond of food, and of that reason are they eating a lot. They are kind off slow in normal movement, don't hurry, and usually eats (six meals when they could get it) and sleeps very much of their life. However, they have quick hearing and good sight. The Hobbits are able to disappear swift without any kind of magic. This often looks like magic to humans that don't know how they are able to do this. The real secret is that the Hobbits are living close to the nature, and use the possibilities of hiding in it.

When we first are presented to Bilbo in The Hobbit, the hobbits in the village describes him as queer. Later in The Lord of the Rings he is going to hold a anniversary party for himself and Frodo, and invites a lot of friends and other people living nearby. At that party we get to know more about him, and his ring. Then the story suddenly changes, and Bilbo leaved the Shire. Frodo, hid adopted son gets the ring just before Bilbo leaves. The Ring has got a great deal of power upon Bilbo, and he is having problems when he is going to leave The Ring at Bag End. Even later in Rivendel, Bilbo want to get hold of the ring again. Bilbo likes to write poems and other stories. He is the Hobbit who wrote "The Hobbit".

As soon as Bilbo leaved the Shire, Frodo is the one that do the managing of their house Bag End. Frodo reminds you of Bilbo, and is becoming an adventurer as well. When Frodo get the ring from Gandalf, he is warned about the powers of the ring. Frodo lives at Bag End some years without Bilbo, and after holding a last anniversary party, he is going on an adventure as well. With him goes Sam, an other Hobbit from the Shire and Pippin, a friend of Frodo. Together they leaves Bag end.

Sam is a kind and truthful Hobbit. His full name was Samwise Gamgee. He worked in the garden at Bag End, and got dragged into the story when he was listening to Gandalf and Frodo speaking about leaving the Shire. Sam loves gardening, and when he got a present from Galadriel, the Elfen queen, he got a box of plain grey wood with earth.

Merry is only the nickname of Meriadoc Brandybuck. He is also called "Master Holobytlan" and "Master Perian". Merry is one of Frodo's best friends, and helps him when Bilbo went on his last adventure (as told in "The Lord of the Rings"). He is also one of the Hobbits that join Frodo in his quest.

Pippin or Pelegrim Tok as where his name, was another of Frodos friends who helped him when he moved from Bag end and he also joined Frodo on his quest to destroy the One Ring.

This page is dedicated to the Little People.
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