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The Exile of the Noldor

The Noldor lived in Tirion and they were clever craftsmen.†FŽanor was the most clever of them. He wrought the Silmarils, the apple of his eyes, with the light of the two trees.†At this time, Melkor was set free and promised to be good.†So, he could walk among the elves and tell them his lies to divide them. The Noldor were the ones he preferred to achieve his plans. He whispered dark thoughts who made their way in the spirits of the Noldor.†One day, FŽanor talked openly against the Valar and accused his step-brother Fingolfin of traechery. The Valar brought him in front of them and he said his thoughts came from Melkor.†So, Melkor was sent off, but FŽanor had to be exiled from Tirion.
He lived in Formenos with FinwŽ, his father, his sons and the precious Silmarils.†One day Valinor was at feast, FŽanor left Formenos for the Taniquetil, but the rest of his family stayed there.†On the Taniquetil, FŽanor made friends again with Fingolfin and everything was fine.†That's the day Melkor chose for his comeback surprise. He attacked and killed the two Trees with the Help of Ungoliant. He also went to Formenos, killed FinwŽ, first of the elves to die and he took all that could be found there, even the Silmarils.
FŽanor was so angry at Melkor and the Valar that he went back to Tirion, even with the ban, and he raised them to anger and urge them to leave Aman.†Most of the Noldor followed him. To cross the wide sea, FŽanor asked the Teleri to give them some boats. The latter refused without the consenting of the Valar.†So the Noldor attacked AlqualondŽ and stole the boats. That kinslaying was the curse of the Noldor which followed them all th time of their exile. The Noldor kept going north to HelcaraxŽ where Middle-Earth and Aman were nearly touching. At the bounders of the land of Aman, a messenger of the Valar came to them, telling them that if they passed this point, there was no possible return and they were forever banned from Aman. There, some among whom was Finarfin went back to Valimar, angry as they were after the slaughter of AlqualondŽ. But FŽanor kept going.
When they reached HelcaraxŽ in the far north, they had to cross the sea. But the boat of the Teleri were too few for all the elves and none were willing to stay behind. The elves of Fingolfin, which didn't like FŽanor, cursed at him. One night, FŽanor and his elves took the boat and cross, leaving the others behind. On the other side, he decided to burn the boats so that the other had no way to come.†And so he reached Middle-Earth.

This page is dedicated to those that left long time ago, to the Elvish people.
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