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The story of Amroth and Nimrodel

Who was Amroth?  Nobody knows for sure, but he was the King of Lórien at the beginning of the Third Age. Either he was the son of Celeborn and Galadriel, from Doriath, or the son of Amdír, another Sindarin of Beleriand. But whoever's son he is, there's a little of his story with Nimrodel:
Amroth, son of Amdír, became the King of Lórien after the death of his father at the Battle of Dagorlad. He took no wife, the one he loved being Nimrodel the fair, for the marriage was impossible. Not that Nimrodel didn't love him; it's just that she was one of the original Silvan elves of Lórien, a Nandor, who regretted the coming of the elves of Beleriand, saying that it was they who brought evil in the lands that used to be at peace.
Nimrodel lived near the stream that bears her name, in the times of happiness, when the Dwarves were the masters of Moria. But when the Orcs fought the Dwarves and took control of the Dwarrodelf, she had to flee south. When Amroth noticed she was missing, he went to look for her and found her at the eaves of Fangorn Forest. There they talked and he asked for her hand.
Finally, she agreed to love him at one condition: that he should find a place where they could love each other without fearing death in every hour, a place where their love would grow unhindered. To this Amroth answered that there was such a place, in the far west, beyond the Sundering Seas. After the war against Morgoth, the Valar had opened the passage to the west to every elf, whatever kindred he belonged to. So, Nimrodel, though a Nandor, could cross the wide seas.
To the Bay of Belfalas he decided to lead her, where a elven-harbour still stood. But in the way, they were separated somehow, nobody knows why. Amroth looked for her, but finding her not, he kept going south towards the Sea, hoping she would do the same. There, he awaited her, but she came not. The summer passed by, and the fall was almost at its end, when a storm broke the anchor of the ship where Amroth was. When dawn came, he went out of the cabin, and saw the shores of Middle-Earth far into the East. He screamed the name of his love and dived into the water. The last sight the elves had of him, was him swimming towards the shore in a mad sea.
Never again was he or Nimrodel seen among the elves. Of Nimrodel, only rumour of what happened reached the ears of some people, but Amroth was lost in the sea.

This page is dedicated to those that left long time ago, to the Elvish people.
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