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Concerning Ents

The history of the Ents

Ilúvater created Ents after a suggestion given by Yavanna, a Valar. Their real name is Onodrim. Ents were supposed to protect the forests of the Middle Earth, and they have been given the ability to talk to and hear the threes. There are only a few number of ents left these days, because they don't have any wives left. This happened because the ents and entwives were interested by different things. The ents liked to go along in the woods and talk to the threes, while the wives used to go on the open fields making the plants grow after their own desire. Therefore they made their own gardens in the places across Anduin the great (a long road from the forest of Fangorn). The ents seldom visited the entwives, and after the great war between Sauron and the men from the sea, they disappeared.

What they look like

When Merry and Pippin came to Fangorn they met a queer guy. he called himself Threebeard, and he had thick legs, thought his hands was thin as leaves. He was one of the so called Ents, in fact the oldest of them. His name rendered in the common language is Fangorn. The Ents are Three-like, and they live in the old forest and Fangorn. They think rather slowly and don't like hasty desicions. They only trust themselves, and they don't hve great confidence in any other people, thought they like the elves more than other races. Their worst enemies are probably the orcs, at least until Saruman the white turned evil. Their threes are exposed to destroyment by different races, and they rage are shown in a great rising against Saruman, wich they succeed.

About their language

Entish, their language, is long-winded and difficult to catch by other people. They are the only people that use this language, and they use it only among themselves.It is sonorous, slow and has such a quality that no one has ever tried to reproduce in writing. Their likings for languages, especially the high elven-tongue, are great, They use a long time so say simple things, and names are up to many lines long. For example, they held a council when Pippin and Merry came. They used a couple of days to talk about everything that needed to be talked about. Fortunately, most of them also master the common languange.


Some creatures are almost like trees. The only difference is that they can move, and pretty fast too. There are many of them in Fangorn, and they communicate with the ents. They are not ents, but huorns. Their worst enemy are the orcs, due to their heedless axing of trees. They are accounted by many ents as dangerous. This is proved when Huorn take their well-earned revenge on the orcs. During the battle at Helm's deep, the Huorns travelled down to get rid of Uruk Hai, Saruman's orcs. The Company found a strange forest outside Helm's deep after the battle, which wasn't there before. Gandalf and Legolas were the only ones that understood that this wasn't wizardry, but a forest of Huorns.

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