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Whom Did the Balrogs Serve?

From: Erik Tracy

The Balrogs were the Chief Servants of Morgoth in the First Age of Middle-earth. They served as protectors of Morgoth in the case of Ungoliant the giant primeval spider, and as his captains in the battles against the Elves. The following quote is from the Silmarillion:
    "Deep in forgotten places that cry was heard. Far beneath the ruined halls of Angband, in vaults to which the Valar in the haste of their assault had not descended, Balrogs lurked still, awaiting ever the return of their Lord; and now swiftly they arose, and passing over Hithlum they came to Lammoth as a tempest of fire. With their whips of flame they smote asunder the webs of Ungoliant, and she quailed, and turned to flight..."
The Balrogs were also sent by Morgoth to battle the Elves in the Fifth Battle, the Nirnaeth Arnoediad (the Battle of Unnumbered Tears), and the Battle for Gondolin.

Fear of the Middle-earth, deamons of fire, servants of Melkor... Find out all about Balrogs on this page.
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